1.9 Every ending is just a new beginning, Part 1

The whole flight to China I was telling myself that I was nervous. But I wasn’t, I loved Brooke and it finally felt like my life was going to be whole, that I was going to have someone to share it with. When we arrived at our hotel I booked 2 separate rooms for the first night so that we could get ready without seeing each other, we decided on a location and said we would meet each other there in 4 hours. My palms were starting to sweat with anticipation of seeing Brooke all dressed up, I heard a car come to a halt out in the parking lot and foot steps heading towards the stairs.


She looked absolutely breath taking. 

“Well, how do I look?” she grinned at me when she made her way to the top

“You look perfect, as always. Are you ready to become Mrs. Leo Tomwell?”

“Hm, I think I murmured that the night I met you. It sounds very fitting”


As I got closer to her, her perfect scent captivated me and I just wanted to make love to her right there.

“Mm, You smell divine, I love you”

“I love you too, Leo” she smiled widely at me


Our wedding day went perfect, we made our own vows and they both reflected our love for each other perfectly. Deciding to have a wedding away from everyone was a good choice. We really got to say exactly what we wanted to each other with no judgement.


Brooke and I had a very different relationship, a lot of people thought it was too fast. Or that she shouldn’t be able to have any trust in me. But the way she did made me want to be a better man, just for her.


After our little ceremony I had a little surprise planned for her. I had all kinds of money and I finally had someone I wanted to spend it on. Her face when she seen the limo parked at the bottom of the stairs was priceless.

“Leo, you didn’t have to do that” She gushed

“Anything for you, my wife” I couldn’t help but smile at the word wife


The limo drove us back to our hotel, We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and I wished the hotel was further away so I could have taken her right then and there. We spent out first night as a married couple like most others do, making love and just enjoying each others company. It was early in the morning that I heard my phone going off, the sun was shining in through the door and Brooke was still sleeping sound next to me so I took the call out on the patio.


“Leo, plans have changed, I need you to leave today” My boss’ voice came through the phone with a stern feeling to it

“But I have my wife with me, her flight isn’t till tomorrow but to Mexico and I was going to leave then”

“Well, she’ll have to be your cover. Talk her through it, this drop needs to be done tonight” By his tone I could tell he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Then the line went dead. I was really hoping Brooke would be up for it, I didn’t want to have to argue with her on our first day married.



“hmm?” Brooke looked up at me and I could still see the sleep in her eyes, but she looked happy

“My boss called and that job got moved ahead day.. I need you to come with me, are you okay with that?” I held my breathe waiting for a response 

“Yes of course, I know you’ll keep me safe” she smiled up at me and lightly pecked my lips with hers

We packed everything up and I waited for our car to be delivered to the hotel then we left. I was nervous but I knew that I wouldn’t ever let anything happen to Brooke, so I’d be paying more attention to detail.


“This is kind of exciting, like a big adrenaline rush” Brooke grinned over at me

I laughed “Well don’t get to excited, because you’re not getting out of the car”

“Good evening Lydia, She’s still not awake yet” Dr. Williams greeted me as I got closer to the front desk

“No improvement at all?” I wasn’t ready to give up hope yet. She was the only family I had left.

“A bit better yes, still unconscious though, But the baby is developing just fine”

“Can I go see her?”

“Yes, it’s about time to do the evening check ups i’ll come with you” 



Seeing Brooke lid there in the hospital bed was enough to break my heart. She needed to wake up now, for her baby that she was pregnant with. To our surprise when we went in to check on Brooke she was awake, sitting up in bed.

“I’ll just give you two a minute” Dr. Williams said as she backed out of the room again

“Brooke….” I sighed


“Lydia how are you? where am I?” she looked confused and it broke my heart to see her like this

“You’re in the hospital Brooke, you were in a coma for 2 months. You’re pregnant” I whispered the last part and he eyes lit up which felt like someone stabbing me in the heart to watch

“No way, what happened? I’m having a baby? Where’s Leo, he’s guna be so happy”

“Brooke…… Leo died” I watched the color drain from her face


“The job you guys went on after China went wrong and there was a big accident.. Leo didn’t make it” I tried to keep the tears from falling down my face

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1.8 Wedding Bells

I redid this chapter a few times, trying to figure out how to get my story ahead. I had to cut a lot of things out, but I hope you still enjoy it!


When we went back to the city, Alecia fired me from my job for being with Leo. I decided that she wasn’t worth my time anymore if she couldn’t be happy for me. Lydia and Conner decided that they were going to get married, and soon. Lydia didn’t want to have baby weight on for the wedding so we only had a week to plan it. Leo and I had bought a house in Mexico, but hadn’t told anyone yet.

Lydia decided that she wanted a evening wedding. She looked breathtaking and my only wish was that mom and dad were around to see her. When she asked me to walk her down the isle I was never more honored, I was so proud of my baby sister even if I was upset because she was so young.



“You look gorgeous you know”

“Thank bro, you clean up pretty well yourself”

Lydia looped her arm around mine once the wedding march started to play, everyone was seated and I could see how nervous Conner was waiting at the alter. But his expression calmed when Lydia came into his view, If it wasn’t for the fact that Conner was my bestfriend and I knew that he was a good man I would never have agreed for this wedding to go ahead. Brooke looked amazing, she was my sisters maid of honor. I couldn’t help but smile when I looked at her, with the hopes that someday her and I will be sharing a special day like this.


She smiled back at me and I felt like the luckiest man in the world. Throughout the whole ceremony I couldn’t take my eyes off of my beautiful girlfriend.  


The night couldn’t have been more perfect, the moon reflected off the water and really set a calm romantic mood to the garden. Lydia and Conner looked so happy together.


As soon as the were married Conner whizzed her off to the dance floor for their first dance, the crowd followed them leaving just Leo and I by the alter.

“You look so beautiful”

“Thank you, handsome”

Leo pulled me in and kissed me and it felt wonderful, knowing that I finally found someone that I might marry myself one day



The first dance was nice, and I could tell that Leo was extremely happy and proud for his sister. I’m glad Lydia has a big brother who cares for her so deeply.


I was so caught up in the moment watching them, it was like no one else was in the room. They were just spinning around and around smiling at each other. Even though Lydia said they hadn’t been together very long I could tell that it didn’t matter.

“Leo, can I borrow Brooke for a second”

I didn’t even hear anyone come up behind us, and I didn’t recognize the voice until I turned to see John standing in front of us



Leo turned me to face him but spoke to John

“Only if Brooke is comfortable with it”


I broke Leo’s stare and turned to face John

“You have 5 minutes”

“Perfect, let’s go sit”

I took John’s hand and followed him over to the nearest table, this was the first time i’ve talked to him since I left. When I seen him at the beach I avoided all contact with him because I didn’t know how to explain myself. 


He was silent and just sat looking at me, so I spoke first..

“John, I’m sorry”

“I don’t want an apology” 

I closed my eyes and sighed, this was going to be hard

“Well what do you want from me then?”

“Brooke, I just want you to be happy. Are you really happy with Leo or are you just in it for the money?”

“What? Of course i’m not in it for the money. I didn’t even know what he did until I came to back to Mexico, I love him”


I could see the tears well up in John’s eyes, he snapped them shut

“So, theres no hope for us then..”

“John, I …”

“No Brooke, don’t… I’ll just have to get used to seeing you around town. I’ll be okay”

John got up and walked away before I had a chance to say anything else, I was kind of happy that was over with. I went to find Leo, He was dancing with Lydia, They were both smiling and laughing and it made my heart ache that these two people have so much love to give and I was apart of it now.


When Leo seen me he kissed his sister on the cheek and pulled me out to the dance floor, I could see John in the back dancing with that whore that was always around and I hoped that he wouldn’t do anything stupid


“Hows my girl?”

“Good, a lot better now”

Leo smiled at me and held me close

“Are you tired?”

“Very actually, my feet hurt from these damn high heels”

“Well, let’s head home. Lydia will understand she said she’s soon leaving herself”

The ride to our new house felt like it took forever, It was on the other side of Mexico but it was beautiful. As soon as we got home Leo carried me into the bedroom

“What’s a wedding without slutty wedding sex?”

I giggled “Well, it’s not a wedding at all”


I woke up and Brooke wasn’t in bed. I had this weird feeling come over me. That today was going to be a good day, I heard the water running in the shower and lid and bed and made my decision. Today was the day, I waited till I heard Brooke leave the bathroom and head for the living room

“Goodmorning B”

“Uhh, Goodmorning”

She sounded pained

“What’s wrong? are you okay?”

“Yeah, just not feeling the greatest this morning”


I slid behind her on the couch and started to massage her shoulders, it was now or never. I didn’t feel nervous, but extremely happy.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, Leo you know you can ask me anything”

I smiled and took a big breath

“Come to China with me this evening, and lets get married tomorrow. Just me and you, we’ll surprise everyone. It’ll be romantic and i’ll have you all to myself”

I could feel the shock run through her body

“Yes.. Lets do it”

at that moment my phone started buzzing in my pocket, I wasn’t going to answer it until I realized that it was my boss’ ring tone


Leo, I have a job for you. You leave in 2 days, You’re going to need a cover because this is a big run”

“Yes sir, is it okay if I leave from China and meet up with the car closer to the boarder?”

Yes, That should be fine. But don’t be late.”

“No sir, Thank you”

I hung up the phone and Brooke ran into my arms and hugged my tight

“Well, Let’s go pack our bags”


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1.7 Family Ties

Lydia’s house was small and cute, kind of like herself. Her presence was pleasant and I was so grateful that Leo had asked her to stay behind with me because I would have been drove crazy waiting for him by myself. The first night without Leo I just spent sleeping mostly, I didn’t get back to sleep after he left. 



I can’t believe you’re doing this Brooke, Was all I was saying to myself in the mirror. I knew this was wrong and illegal, but it was worth it if It ment I got to be with Leo. 


I didn’t know what Lydia’s plans were for me today yet but I was already kind of excited, even though I hated Mexico the last summer when I lived here the place always had me in amazement with it’s beauty. I could smell something delicious coming from the kitchen and I figured Lydia must be making breakfast. I didn’t even know I was hungry until my stomach growled after the sent left my nose. On the way out to the kitchen I heard my phone buzzing on the table and my heart skipped a beat Leo?, It had to be I hadn’t heard from him yet. 

*Hey babe, Just wanted to let you know that the first night went fine. I love you and I hope Lydia is taking good care of you, enjoy your vacation.*

*Lydia is wonderful and so far everything has been great. Be careful! I love you too*

I couldn’t stop smiling down at my phone, I probably looked like an idiot. I’d never felt love like this, not even the 3 years I was with John.


“Mmm, something smells delicious” You could hear my tummy growling through the house I was so hungry

“I got up and made some waffles, I had a weird craving for them. I hope you like blueberry” 

“I love blueberry, thanks”


Lydia hummed while she was preparing our food and it was kind of calming. I was starting to see how much she was like Leo, It made me miss him even more.

“So I was talking to Conner this morning, they’re having a good run so far” 

“Yeah, Leo just texted me”

Lydia looked over at me with a sly grin on her face “Oh, that boy has got it bad”

“What do you mean?” 

“No one ever hears from him when he is out on a run, not until the day he gets back”


Lydia started humming again. When breakfast was finished and cleaned up we walked down the road to a little coffee shop that was close to the beach and it made me think of Margit’s and Alecia. I hadn’t spoke to her since the night of the opening to the roof top bar, I definitely didn’t have a job anymore. Or a friend for that matter.


We got our drinks and found a table outside, the cool breeze was nice and the view was amazing

“So do you and Leo live together back in the city?” Lydia all of a sudden started 21 questions about mine and Leo’s relationship

“No, i’m currently renting a house and he has a studio apartment”

“Oh, have you met any of Leo’s ex things that want to beat you up yet?”

That took me off guard big time

“Uh, what?”

“you know, Leo has been with a lot of girls. He usually drives them crazy, unintentionally of course”

“Well that makes me feel better”

“No need to worry Brooke, I’m just kidding. About the beating up part, He has been with a hell of a lot of girls. That’s why I know it’s different with you”

“What do you mean?”

Lydia was confusing the fuck out of me, she leaned in closer to the table


“I mean he has never told another girl that he loved her before. Other then me, He has never brought any home to meet me. He’s going to marry you I know it”

I nearly spit my coffee across the table

“Let’s not get ahead of our selves”

Lydia laughed again “Right, we need to get rid of that studio apartment first” 

The rest of our day was spent at the beach, just relaxing and tanning. But I couldn’t ignore the urge to always be looking over my shoulder afraid that I would see John, even though I never did.



After the beach Lydia seemed pretty bummed out about something and she was always checking her phone. We both agreed that I would cook us some bbq for supper. Lydia hung around in the back garden while I was preparing everything and when I went and found her she was lid down on the bench with a pout on her face.

“Are you okay lydia?”

“Brooke, Can I tell you something?

“Of course, what’s on your mind?”

“Conners telling Leo right now, and i’m so scared..”

“What happened?” Panic started to sink in


“Oh don’t worry, the boys are fine. Well for now, Unless Leo decides to kill my boyfriend”


“Brooke, i’m pregnant” 

“Holy fuck, how long have you known?” She was right, Leo might kill Conner

“For a little while. But Conner didn’t want me to say anything until he had Leo alone because he didn’t want him to get mad at me”

“That was sweet of him”

“Yeah, but Leo is probably going to kill me too” Lydia giggled a little worried sound

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Leo” I winked at her

“Thanks, you’re great Brooke. I really like talking to you” Lydia smiled that Lydia smile at meImage

 The next few days flew by, Lydia and I talked a lot. She was a awesome person for listening, I was going to miss her a lot when we had to leave and go back to the city. Today was the day that the boys returned home and Lydia had made us both hair appointments at her salon. It was a cute little hair shop on the other side of Mexico, she said that her hairdresser had been a family friend for years.


“So lydia who’s your friend?” The girl had pink, purple, and blonde hair with one side shaved. That obviously took guts, but she rocked it

“This is Brooke, she’s Leo’s girlfriend” then Lydia turned to look at me “And Brooke this is Simoia, she has been my bestfriend since we were little”

“No way, you’re Leo’s girlfriend?! I seriously have had the biggest crush on him FOREVER. I’m soo jealous, what can I do for you ladies today” 

Simoia came over and started running her hands through my hair waiting for my response

“I’d like to be blonde, I think”

“You’re already pretty light, but i’ll see what I can do” Simoia winked at me and started my hair, when she was finished the color looked beautiful


Lydia looked at me with a big smile on her face “Brooke you were so ment to be blonde” 

“Thanks, I’ve wanted to do it forever” 

Simoia walked over to Lydia and laughed “Only a cut right?”


“No, this time I actually want something different”

“I don’t know if I want to touch your virgin hair”

Lydia finally talked her into putting some red in her hair and it looked awesome



“Holy shit bricks, what have I done” Lydia looked shocked when she looked at herself in the mirror

“You look great lyd, don’t worry” I couldn’t help but laugh at her

“It’s going to take awhile to get used too, but come one the boys will soon be home we got to get out of here!”

Once Lydia reminded me that today was the day they get back my heart started racing and the minutes started to drag out. We were only home five minutes, not even long enough for me to get a drink when I heard the front door open and Lydia squeal


“How mad was he?”

“Oh, mad. He’s probably going to kick my ass later”

I couldn’t help but smile at Conner and Lydia, they were so in love and were going to be great parents

“Speaking of Leo, where is he?” I couldn’t wait any longer

“He’s outside with your new car” Conner grinned at me then looked back to Lydia

“Car?” I said as I walked to onto the front porch, Leo was standing next to a gorgeous red car



“Hey B, like your new car?”

“You didn’t steal this one did you”

Leo smiled “not this one, picked it up at the dealership on the way home. Figured this would be better then a 20 hour cab ride back to the city, plus then you don’t have to take the bus to come to my apartment”

I ran straight into Leo’s arms and almost knocked him backwards



“About that, I was thinking you could move into my house”

“I’d love too, we can talk about it on the way home. But I need to go talk to my irresponsible little sister”

“Leo, go easy on her. Shes scared”

He took my hand and led me into the house, not once letting go. Conner was telling Lydia all about the trip and she was watching him with that loving look again


“Well Lydia, i’ll see you next run” Leo never said anything about the pregnancy yet

“Are you guys heading straight to the city now?”

“Yes, but first i’m going to go have protected sex with my girlfriend” There it was

“Leo, what did I tell you. Be good” I have Leo a little pat on the ass and shooed him out

“Thank you” Lydia mouthed to me when I turned back to wave


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1.6 What happens down south, stays there

I took Brooke down to the beach, I had been trying to come up with the words to tell her in my head the whole way there. I was so afraid that she would be in the next taxi out of here. My job is something that not many people know about, my sister is in on it along with my best friend. Other then that it’s just the few dumb broads that just stick around the group looking for skin. But I cared for Brooke and I could really see myself wanting this girl in my life for a long time.

“I’m just going to talk, I want to be as honest with you as I can. After if you wanna leave you can”

“I don’t understand how it could be so horrible, but i’m all ears”


“I steal and sell cars, not just any cars. Cars that belong to rich people that don’t need them in the first place. But that’s not all, I sell every car to one person. My boss, I have never met him before, I don’t even know what he looks like. But in the trunk lining of every car that I have to take across the boarder to him I have to have it loaded down with blow”

“You mean, like cocaine?” She had a shocked look of disgust on her face

“Yes. I don’t do any of it I can promise you that, but it is a big risky messy business i’m in too”

Brooke was silent and the look on her face wasn’t giving me a very positive vibe

“Have you ever got caught?”

“No, but I was close once. I had to have one of the girls ride with me for cover”

“Oh.. like a girlfriend?”

“No, I’d never do that. I’d NEVER take you with me, I would risk the danger of it”

“Do you carry a gun?”


Brooke stood up and walked to the shore line without a word, I followed her. Terrified that this would be it, she was going to say she was leaving.

Trying to process everything that Leo just told me was hard. I knew that this was something that I shouldn’t be getting tangled up in, but it was like an adrenaline rush. I knew that I had strong feelings for Leo, other wise I wouldn’t have traveled all the way to Mexico with him. I took a deep breath as I felt his hand careless my arm


“Leo, what really happened with Alecia. Did she know?”

“No, she didn’t. I met her and took her home in the same night, we were having a good time at my apartment when one of my boss’ thugs came in and held me at gun point to get the pound of coke that went missing. They usually never ever come looking for me in the city, I do all my business out of Mexico. It was all a big miss understanding, but by the time he realized I wasn’t there alone it was too late. He made her swear not to tell anyone, she stormed out after and never spoke to me again. I don’t blame her, but there is no need of her being a bitch to you about it. I would NEVER let something so careless like that ever happen to you”

I let out a big sigh and I could feel Leo tense up behind me.

“i’m not leaving”


“Leo, I want to be with you. If this is a part of being with you then I guess i’ll have to get used to it”


“I’m not going to let any of this come back on you, I promise”

“I trust you” I smiled at him and I seen the stress wrinkle in his forehead disappear

“Come meet the crew this evening, we’re having a bonfire on the beach”


“I have to leave on a job tomorrow, i’ll be gone 4 days. Are you okay with that?”

“I guess..”

We left the beach and went home to get ready to meet up with Leo’s “crew”, I was nervous as hell and worried that they were going to be stuck up and mean like the friends that he had back in the city.


“I should bring you to Mexico more often” Leo caught me off guard, I was spaced out again


“Those little shorts you have on are really doing a number on my pants”

“You’re awful” I couldn’t help but laugh a little

“Stop worrying B, their going to like you”


“How about you stay here and fuck me senseless instead”

“Oh baby, I would love too. Actually I plan to later, but we got to go” I could feel Leo’s reaction to me straddling him underneath me

I put on my best pouty face but it didn’t stand a chance, Leo slung me over his shoulder like he did back in the city and started towards the door.


I started to have a giggle attack, Leo was so much fun and was always challenging me. I loved it, it was so easy with him.

“I can walk you know”

“Oh well, I can get a better view with you up there” he said as he gave me a swat on the ass


“Don’t lie, you like it rough”


I seen a crowd gathered around a fire pit in the distance, Leo’s grasp on my hand tightened and out of the corner of my eye I could see the giant smile on his face.

“LEO” a girl jumped up and started running towards us

“Brace yourself for Lydia, She’s my little sister and a complete pain in my ass sometimes” Leo grinned and I could tell from the look on his face that his sister ment a lot to him.


Lydia was gorgeous, her and Leo had the same color hair but other then that one might even say they weren’t related.

“This must be Brooke, I’ve heard a lot about you”

I gave Leo a quick look and elbow in the side, which made him laugh

“All good things B, don’t worry”

Lydia continued talking to Leo and I about who showed up and what car the next target was. But when I had another glance at the few people around the fire behind Lydia, I froze




“Brooke are you okay?” I shook out of my daze when I heard Lydia say my name

“Yeah, sorry. Must have zoned out, do you mind giving me and Leo a minute?”

“Yeah sure, no problem! see you guys in a minute!”

Leo looked down at me with a worrying gaze

“B, What’s wrong?”

“That guy over there, sat with the red head on his lap” I gestured towards him

“Yeah, he’s new. Conner, Lydia’s boyfriend just picked him up and figured he would be a good help to us, what about him?”


I leaned in close to him and whispered

“That’s John”

Leo put his arm around me, I had told him all about John. How unhappy I was with him, I even told him about all the emails that he had been sending me on the car ride up here. Most of which were mean, they started off with John calling me a whore, that I ran away with another man. It kept getting worst until the end of it, the last one he sent just told me to be happy.

“No worry’s, just stay with me”


Leo gave me a quick introduction to everyone, Lydia and her boyfriend Conner who was also Leo’s best friend. The redhead’s name was Kelly, I later learned that she was the cover that drove with Leo that night that saved his life, I made a mental note to thank her later. The blonde that was wandering around poking the fire was one of the broads that Leo told me about earlier. They were all really nice, and I felt a lot more comfortable with them then Leo’s other friends. Except John kept staring at me, it was getting creepy. I tucked myself behind Leo and just wrapped my arms around him as he gave everyone their duties for the next couple days.

“Conner, I want you riding with me on this one. Kelly, you know the number to the Knights for the drop I need you to make sure that the guy is just on the other side of the boarder waiting for us when we get there. Lydia i’m going to need you to sit this one out, and stay here with Brooke, is that okay?”

“You got it Bro, I’ll take good care of your girl”

Lydia grinned at me and her smile was infectious, Leo tightened his hand around mine with a little squeeze, which made me smile again


“What about me boss?” John said boss with a little too much of a saucy tone and I could feel the muscles in Leo’s arm twitch

“You, I need to talk to. In private” Leo’s tone was harsh

“Fine, let’s do this now” Leo patted my hand and turned around and gave me a quick peck on the forehead then joined John and they walked down the beach


“How long have you two been together?” I could see the way that Lydia watched Conner, as if everything he did was magical. I wondered how people seen me look at Leo, and if it was with that much love.

“Just 6 months, I met him when Leo finally let me in on this. At first my brother wouldn’t have any part of it and said we couldn’t be together, but he finally gave in” She smiled at the memory.

“Thats awesome”

“Leo loves you, you know”

That struck me off guard, He hadn’t said it yet. I looked at Lydia in shock and she just laughed at me

“He does, I can tell. He’s never like this with his girlfriends, He’s never brought one in on his business and he usually doesn’t seem them for more then a week”

“I love him too” I turned to see Leo and John talking down the beach


“Whats on the go with those two anyway?”

“It’s a long story, I’ve known John for awhile. We’ve got a few days to kill coming up, I’ll fill you in”

“It’s a date” Lydia smiled at me, and I instantly liked her

The boys stopped talking and John left the beach. But he stopped and turned around just as Leo pulled me into a kiss, I could see the hurt on his face.


“It’s okay now B, I promise”

“I love you Leo”

I stunned him, and he went silent. I could tell that he wanted to say it back, but before he got the chance I just snuggled into his chest

“Now take me home and fuck me good”

“Miss Thomas, it would be my pleasure”


Between every kiss Leo would stop

“I don’t have to go if you don’t want me to, I can call someone else in to go with Conner”

“Leo, stop worrying, I’ll be fine here with Lydia. You don’t need to stop your job all of a sudden because I came along”

“But, I would”

“I know” I smiled, I’d never felt so whole before. Like I have found my other half some how.

He stopped and cuddled into the back of me


“I love you too, Brooke”

Soon after we drifted off to sleep, I think it was the best nights sleep that I had ever got. When I woke up it was still dark outside, and I was in bed alone. I could hear Leo’s voice coming from the living room so I grabbed one of his T-shirts from his suitcase and pulled it on over my head then went to investigate.


“Goodmorning babe, did you sleep good?” Leo greeted me as soon as I walked through the door, I instantly wished I had chose to put on pants when I seen that Lydia and Conner were sitting on the couch

“Yes, are you leaving now?” I could hear the sadness in my own voice

“Pretty soon”

“When will you be back?”

“On Friday, I’ll try to be a quick as I can”

“Don’t be quick, be safe”

“I’m always safe B, and I’ve never had anyone to come home to before so i’m going to make sure this run goes perfect”

“Look at my Bro, being a mushy and stuff” Lydia smiled up at her brother and I couldn’t help but smile too

I walked over to give Leo a kiss, and he picked me up and held me


I could hear Conner Chuckling “Could you two get a room?”

“Conner my buddy, If we had time I’d screw Brooke right here no matter if you guys were sitting there or not”

“Ew” Lydia added with disgust

“Come on man, we got to go”

Conner gave Lydia a kiss and hug before we all headed for the door

Lydia put her arm around me, It was still early morning. Standing on the porch, the cool breeze hit me and I just wanted to be rapped up in Leo’s arms in bed again.


The boys walked down to the car that was dropped out front, It was a beautiful car and it made me wonder where it came from.

I let out a slow sigh and Lydia reassured me that everything would be alright


“You’ll get used to this after a while girl, Leo’s always safe. He’ll be back soon, I have a week full of fun planned for us to keep your mind off of it”

“Thank you Lydia” I was so grateful for her at that moment


Leo winked at me before he climbed into the driver seat of the car, then off he went. I had a feeling this career was going to have a play on my emotions,

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1.5 Take me away

I had finally made enough money to rent a house. It was far off on the other side of the city, away from the business. It had been two months since the night that I walked out of Leo’s party without letting him know that I was leaving.


After what Tai had told me, whether she was lying or not I wasn’t going to let myself be set up for hurt. Although I found myself thinking about Leo all the time, how sweet he was to me and how handsome he was. But he never once called or texted me, he didn’t stop by Margit’s to see why I left, so why should I even care?


“Hello, earth to brooke”

“Yeah, what were you saying?”

“I was saying that the new roof top bar is going to be bumping tonight!”


“What’s wrong with you, you’re so spaced out lately”


After I had told Alecia about what happened at Leo’s she came out of hiding. She was at my house everyday now, not that I minded, I loved the company. But I was curious as to why she hated Leo, but whenever I brought it up she would change the subject.


“We need to make you look hot so you can bring a guy home tonight, she seriously need to get laid”

“No I don’t”

“Awh, you’re still pawning over John, thats cute”

“No, I’m 100% not”

“Well somethings bothering you and i’m sure a nice hunk working his hands all over your body would make you forget whatever is upsetting you”

“You’re such a slut”

Alecia was always talking about all these guys she slept with and how the next one always made her forget about the last.


Alecia picked me out a dress and straightened out my curls for me, while cursing me for not having to wear hair extensions like she does. I felt great after I seen the finished product, I felt confident. Maybe I would meet a guy tonight, But I wouldn’t be bringing him home or anything. After all Alecia was right, I was a space case lately. I didn’t feel happy, I was starting to feel like it was time to be on the run again.


The new bar was hot. If it weren’t for the fact that it was on a roof top and the cool breeze cooled you off I think everyone would be passed out. The bartender was wearing under wear and everyone back on the dance floor were grinding each other like a pack of cats in heat. I ordered two drinks and slammed my first one before Alecia even got hers.


We both stayed to the bar and drank until everything was starting to get a little blurry.


“Let’s go dancing B, show off what we got”

“Okay, but don’t go running off on me with the first guy that crosses your path”

“I don’t do that”

Yes she did, she did it all the time. Alecia was the worst wing man ever.


I was having a good time, the music was pulsing through my body and I just let it take me over. The dance floor was getting more and more crowded by the minute.

“Hey B, wanna maybe go to another bar?”

“Hell no, this is awesome! plus you were talking about coming here all day”

“Yeah but I guess there has been a change of plans.”

I could see she was staring at something, When I turned around I seen Leo. He was dancing and touching some blonde chick. I could feel my eyes slick with tears and my throat felt like it was starting to close over. The emotion that started to run through my body was like something I had never experienced. I turned around and ran to the first guy I seen and when he asked me to dance I led him to the dance floor as fast as I could. I don’t know what I was trying to do, make Leo jealous? This wasn’t something that has ever happened to me before.

“Hey gorgeous, want to take this to the bathroom?”

“Excuse me?”

“The way you’re grinding on me, it’s making me real hot”

“I didn’t mean to, I don’t want that”

“Yes you do, come on”

The guy pulled my hand and tried to pull me towards to direction of the bathroom, panic started to sink in and Alecia was no where to be seen.


“Jason, I think she said no”

“Leo, what are you doing? You had her before, let me have a turn”

“See that blonde over there I was dancing with? Go drive yourself up in her and get lost before I knock you over the side of this building”

“Woah man, chill out. I was just trying to get a piece”

“Well you aren’t getting it from her, now get out of her face”


I just stood there in shock, what just happened. Why was Leo saving me, I was afraid to look at him after the guy walked away. My heart was racing. He turned to me and I could see the worry in his eyes.

“Are you okay Brooke?”

“Yes, thankyou”

“How have you been, I haven’t seen you since the night you walked out of my party” I could see that he was scared too

“I’ve been… okay”

“Tai told me why you left, I understand.”

This knocked me off guard. I hadn’t said anything to Tai, after she left the bathroom I bolted. Leo explained to me how she told him that I said he was nothing, useless, that I had only wanted to sleep with him and that was it. She told him that I had a boyfriend already and was just looking for some excitement.


“Leo, that’s not what happened..”

“What do you mean?”

“Tai told me that you were using ME, that you did it to all the girls at the party before. She told me I was no different and that you were just going to hurt me like everyone else. I was scare Leo, I couldn’t handle the pain of hurting anymore.”

“Brooke, I would never hurt you”

I could see the truth in his eyes and my stomach started fluttering with a million butterflies. He leaned in and took my hand, touched my chin and pulled me into a kiss.


I didn’t know what Alecia was behind us watching, I also didn’t know that world war 3 was about to break out.


“It’s okay, we cleared it up. It was just Tai trying to mess it up”

“B, how can you be so dumb and blind. Leo is a uselss piece of shit and he is only going to hurt you”

“No Alecia, and just because he didn’t like you like he likes me there is no need for you to be jealous”

“Pardon me?”

“You’re going to have to find somewhere else to stay tonight because i’m taking Leo home with me”

I grabbed his hand and stormed away from Alecia, leaving her in the middle of the dance floor and not looking back. Leo held me in his arms the whole cab ride home and I was thinking about what would have happened if I stayed that night. But it didn’t matter because he was here now.


“Your house is beautiful”

“Thankyou, it’s much nicer now that you’re in it”

Leo just held me when we got home, it felt perfect.

“Are you tired, do you want me to put you to bed?”

“I need a bath first, Alecia wasted some booze on me eariler”

Before I had a chance to say anything else I was up in the air

“What are you doing?!”

“You said you needed a bath, so I figured I would give you a ride there. Wheres your bathroom?”

I couldn’t stop giggling





“Will you join me, in the tub?”

“If you want, I would love too”

We both striped our clothes down, it was the first time we had seen each other completely naked and I felt like I had hit the jackpot. Leo was the most handsome man I had ever seen.


“You’re so beautiful”

“You’ve told me that already”

“Well, I can’t help it”

We just laid in the water till it started to get cold and the sun started to come up

“Brooke, will you come with me tomorrow?”

“To where?”


“To Mexico, I have some work to do there”

“Will you ever tell me what your job is?”

“I’ll tell you when we get there”

“Can I give you an answer after we get some sleep”

“Of course”

I didn’t feel like telling him thats where John was, That Mexico is where I came running from. Maybe it would be different going back there with Leo. But with all the messages that John has been sending me lately I was afraid to run into him. We got out of the tub and went into my bedroom, where I made love to Leo for the first time. It was amazing, nothing like what I had ever experienced with another man. I awoke before he did and checked my emails, another new one form John.

Dearest Brooke,

This will be the last email I will send you. The no reply is starting to hurt and I realized that it is time for me to move on. I am sorry if I ever did you wrong in any way. I hope Le Belle Vita is all you experience. 

Love Always,


I closed my laptop the same moment that Leo climbed out of my bed and pulled back on his under wear


“I’ll go”

A big smile crept across Leo’s face and he picked me up, carried me to the bed and made love to me again.

The drive to Mexico was long and quite, Brooke slept on my shoulder most of the way. I couldn’t believe how fast I was falling inlove with this girl. I found her in the back porch of the house I rented us for the week. She was just gazing out over the water.


“Hey babe”


her voice was quite and she flinched when the spray from the waves came up and hit her over the rail. I went and wrapped my arms around her, I guess it was finally time to tell her what my career is, and that will be the test if she wanted to stay with me or not.


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1.4 Second warning

When I opened my eyes I didn’t know where I was. I was in a one room apartment, by myself in a bed with the comforter pulled completely over. I got shivers down my spine when I remembered that I was at Leo’s.



I pulled myself from the bed and sang out to see if he was here, but he wasn’t. All I could think to myself was what an asshole, bring a girl home then disappear in the morning. But I shouldn’t have expected any less, I mean Alecia did warn me. So I wasn’t going to get upset about it.



I cleaned myself up and left for work, Only when I got there a unfamiliar guy was working and Alecia was no where to be seen.

“Where is Alecia?”

“She took a couple days off, i’m Glenn and I guess you’re brooke”

This was guy totally gay

“I am”


It didn’t take very long for Glenn to get me to open up about the night before. I guess I was just pissed because a guy had never done that to me before.

“Hunny, for time to leave you like that he isn’t a man”

“I know, It was just a weird feeling. I left someone like that before, but I’d been with him for 3 years and bailed before he woke up one morning”

“That’s harsh baby girl”

“I know, I just wasn’t happy”

“By any chance was this guy you were with last night tall, dangerous sexy with face scruff and a arm full of tattoos?”

“Yes, why?”


I turned around and seen Leo. My blood started to boiled and I jumped flew into him, maybe I was mad.

“Why are you here, you’re an idiot”

“Woah Brooke, calm down”

“I will not calm down, sleep with a girl then bail before she leaves? Classy”


“First of all we didn’t sleep together, you were too sick. Secondly I went to get you breakfast and when I got back you were gone.”

“How am I suppose to believe that? and we didn’t..?”

“The breakfast is home on my counter, and no we didn’t”


I was half relieved and half sad when he said that we didn’t have sex

“Do you have a minute to sit down with me?”

“Yeah, It’s pretty slow here this morning”


I got Leo and I a cup of coffee and we sat down. I had so many things I wanted to ask him about lastnight but I started off with the first thing that entered my mind.

“Why does Alecia want me to stay away from you?”

“I wouldn’t be able to tell you the answer to that, we tried dating before and it never worked out. But neither of us were upset about it or anything”


“I agree, but I can talk to her if you want”

“No, she’s my friend I can handle it”

“I’m having a party tonight, will you come?”


I could see the look in his eyes that he wasn’t afraid I would say no

“Yeah, sure. See you tonight”

When I showed up at Leo’s again I was a little nervous. There were people doing keg stands and people making out every where.



“Hey baby, names jack.”

“Leave her alone Jack she’s here with me”

I found Leo but some guy stood in my way



“Yeah, she is tonight but we all know where sh’ell be tomorrow”

“What does he mean?”

“Jack’s an idiot, don’t worry about it. I’m glad you’re here”


Leo pulled me in and kissed me, I could feel real connection between us.


“Let me get you a drink”


“So what did Alecia say about you coming here tonight?”

“Nothing, I haven’t seen her”

“Good, then maybe I can get to know you better before she intrudes again”


The beer was going down really well again, and this time I didn’t mind drinking so much because I had tomorrow off. It took a little while to warm up to the crowd of friends that Leo had over, they all kept glaring at me and whispering things to each other. But I had so much alcohol in that I didn’t care, I found Leo sitting on the end of his bed and pushed him back and started kissing him. His hands responded by holding me and he deepened the kiss, not caring who was around us or watching.


It felt good when he had his arms around me, I felt safe.


I went to the bathroom to freshen up after my little make out session, that really turned me on. I was kind of glad that I didn’t sleep with Leo the night before because it was definitely something i’d want to remember. It was then that I noticed his friend Tai standing behind me.

“You know he’s using you”

“Using me for what”


“We haven’t slept together”

“You could have fooled me by the way you were just slobbering all over him. Either way, he’s going to bag you then leave”


I got instantly annoyed by her presence 

“You don’t know that”

“Oh hunny, he’s done it to me”

“Excuse me?”

“He’s done it to ALL of us Brooke, and you’re no different.”

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1.3 Leo

Alecia lent me some clothes and took me to a dive bar. It was pretty quiet and there weren’t many people around, just a bunch of men that whistled when we walked by. But I was having a good time, I was a few drinks in.



“This game is stupid, I should have took you to a bar downtown”

“It’s fine, I like it here. Plus i’m totally kicking your ass”

“B, If you win this one you’re buying the next round of shots”

Alecia was fun, and I instantly had a good feeling about her becoming a good friend.

“Maybe it won’t, there is a guy at the bar that has been watching us for the last 5 minutes”

When Alecia turned around to see who it was a look of disgust came over her face

“That’s Leo, and trust me you don’t want him buying you drinks”

“Why not, he’s hot. How do you know he isn’t looking at you”

“I know he’s looking at you, I know Him”

After what she said I ignored him watching and just continued to drink my beer, I had almost forgot about him completely until I went to sit at the bar for another drink


“Hey, I’m Leo. You must be new, I haven’t seen you here before”

“Yeah, I just moved to town a few days ago. I’m here with Alecia she says she knows you”

“Yeah.. I know her. Where did you move from?”

“The beach, I’m Brooke by the way”

“well Brooke, What made you leave the beautiful beach to come to this scum of a city?”

“A guy that I wasn’t in love with. He was ready to settle down and I wasn’t, I’m young I’m just looking to have a good time you know?”

“Yes, I do”

Leo seemed like a nice guy and he was super attractive. I don’t know what Alecia was talking about. We kept talking for awhile, and I kept finding myself looking at his arm tattoos and his muscle showing through his shirt.

“So, can I buy you a drink?”


He was walking closer to me when Alecia decided to but in


“I wouldn’t take a drink from him if I were you”

“I’m not going to drug her or anything, i’m not a bad guy you know”

“Yeah, whatever”

She sat so she could face me but had her back to Leo, he was glaring at her and I could tell that she annoys him

“It’s just a drink, I’m sure i’ll be fine”

“Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.. come dance with me!”

Alecia took my hand and hauled me from my chair. The disappointment on Leo’s face was clear, I just gave him an apologetic shrug and followed her to the dance floor.

“He’s coming this way again”



When Alecia said his name I got a pang of excitement come over me   


“Can I cut in?”

“You just aren’t going to fuck off are you?”

“No, Alecia i’m not. So can you just let me dance with your friend now?”


Alecia stomped away and I started dancing with Leo. A faster song came on and I really wanted to show him what I was made of. So I turned my back to him and started moving, I felt free and I was having the most fun i’d had in a long time. I felt him hands come around me and pull me to him, He was strong and knew exactly how to touch me.


One dance led to another, then to another. When Alecia finally came back to find me I was sat up on the bar making out with Leo.


“Brooke, I’m leaving are you coming?”

“It’s only early”

“Brooke, you can come stay with me”

I looked at Alecia and she nearly went through the roof

“I’d love to”

“You’re making a big mistake B, just come with me”

“She’s old enough to make her own decisions”

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow okay?”

Alecia never said another word to me and just turned around and left. That night I stayed with Leo, and not once did I think about John.


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